Boost the Speed of Your PC with AMC Security Pro

The AMC Security is an All-in-One Protector and Booster that does the following:

(1) It speeds up your mobile up to 200%.

(2) It offers Real-Time Protection from all types of Mobile Threats.

(3) Makes mobile payments safe and prevents fraud.

(4) Will protect all your information (videos, pictures, SMS, call logs etc) from curious eyes.

It has hardly been a couple of months since you purchased your brand new PC, however, it no longer works as smoothly as it used to when you first used it. This could be due to a couple of factors such as:
• Fragmented hard disk drive
• Fragmented registry
• Malware infection
• Outdated hardware drivers

Fragmented Registry and HDD

For your information, the uninstall executive included with most programs just uninstall the program, but rarely remove other files generated during the installation process, scattered in various parts of the HDD. It also does not remove all registry entries associated with the program. You need the help of a specialist program such as Advanced SystemCare to remove the obsolete entries from the registry as well as the HDD.

Malware Infection

You might have installed the best antivirus program on your computer. However, few of them are able to remove malware such as Trojans, backdoors, keyloggers etc. They can slow down the HDD of your PC. Apart from this, keyloggers can steal private information such as your credit card details and net banking password. Instead of installing multiple protection software, rely on Advanced SystemCare. It finds instances of all malware and removes them efficiently without causing any harm to your system folders and other data.

Outdated Hardware Drivers

Manufacturers of hardware continuously conduct research on their products and offer updates for the same when they come out with a new driver (the application that runs the hardware). Unfortunately, Windows rarely scans hardware or checks for new drivers. The Advanced SystemCare for PC by Iobit makes a note of all hardware drivers when you install it on your PC. It scans the vendor’s site for new drivers, downloads updates as and when available, and replaces the old driver with the new one without your intervention.

Go Pro

Why do you not download a free trial version of the program and try it out? Once satisfied, purchase the license key, and activate the software to convert it to a pro version? By the way, do not forget to download the free uninstaller available on their website. It removes all traces of any program when you use it for the uninstallation process, ensuring that your computer runs as efficiently as it did when you purchased it.

Your Smartphone is Vulnerable Too

Be prepared for a bad experience in case you download applications from your Android-based smartphone from any site apart from the Google Play store. They might contain malware infected.APK files that can compromise your mobile and pass on private content stored on it, without your permission, to someone else. We all make mistakes and you might accidentally download an application and install it as well. This can lead to disaster. Protect your smartphone against malware attacks with AMC security, which you can download from Google Play store. AMC security pro has more features than the standard version. If you have any doubts about the functioning of this program and the security it provides to your smartphone, visit any reputable security software review site and read the AMC Security pro review over there.

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